Located in the north-east of Milano, in the rubattino green area, Bianco Sunnei aims to test the limits of urban regeneration in the outskirts of Milano.

The area, overlooking a little lake beneath the freeway, underwent a cultural transformation through the neutralisation of the space via the candid repainting of 4000 square meters, leading to a dramatical modification in the perception of the venue. Both from the outside and inside.

Conceptualising on the rather paradoxical notion of the "Open-air gallery", the space located within the center of the neighbourhood park is presented as an artwork open and accessible to the community.

Serving as the venue to the brand's spring summer 2020 show and party, bianco sunnei is the long-term project of the creative duo, turning them into the artistic directors of the space. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, sunnei will work on special events, installations, performances and temporary stores in collaboration with creative minds across the city and the globe, reflecting its own ever-evolving reality. The multifaceted network that surrounds the brand is called upon to join the ever-growing development of the area.

The project was developed with the patronage of the city of milano and in collaboration with the zone 3 of milano and the neighborhood committee vivirubattino. The work was co-produced with linvea as the technical sponsor and the artistic collective altrove.