Tuttifiori.rar is the result of an ongoing flower classification led by the honest lens of Mario — Sunnei co-founder Simone Rizzo’s father — on the quest to gather an intentional compendium of botanical species without focusing on a specific end goal. Mario’s scientific approach to capturing flora is born from his uncanny talent for memorising the official names of flowers and fungi and recognising them amongst wild greenery. Practicing photography without the intention to turn it into public domain, it wasn’t until his son asked him to share a selection of these personal images that Mario’s work took material shape in the form of a special birthday surprise.
Hundreds of unreleased pictures of flowers existing exclusively in the artist’s camera roll were zipped into a file named Tuttifiori.rar and were subsequently turned into a 1of1 printed edition gathering 694 pictures meticulously categorised by their handwritten nomenclature. In 2022, that original manuscript finds new life in the shape of an improved re-edition, implemented with more recent shots and a chromatic classification.

May 2022 - Edition of 500
Pictures and botanical names by Mario Rizzo
Editing, Design and Text by Sunnei
Printed in Italy by Grafiche Antiga
Paper: Cordenons Recyco White and
Cordenons Natural Wild
Typeface: Social by Dinamo
ISBN 979-12-210-0988-0