One month after the show, SUNNEI welcomed its network of artists, collaborators, press and buyers to experience the conviviality and the spirit of the brand.

The forty-five metres long table was covered with a unique set of tablecloth and napkins, made out of recycled striped popeline fabric straight from our production.

The chef Anna Velardi, a longtime friend of Loris and Simone, is renowned for her dedication to cooking and for her private dinners set in Milano. The dinner was an occasion to experience both the chef and the brand’s multidisciplinary interests through a sharable menù, complemented by bread from the milanese bakery Forno Collettivo.

Food was the key player of the event along with the flowers, selected and carefully set up by the flower enthusiast Maria Di Battista, part of SUNNEI. The whole team, that had the chance to work on their personal passions in occasion of the dinner, made a special selection of flowers as a unique gift for the guests.

The wine came from Marinferno, a wine producer from Colli Piacentini which exploits traditional vinification processes to make naturally unkempt wines.

An acoustic drum solo performance by Elia Pastori wrapped up the evening.