Housing the work of the founding duo, Loris Messina & Simone Rizzo, and their creative team, Palazzina SUNNEI acts as the brand’s headquarter since 2020. The three floor building is the center of all activities.

Located fairly close to the former studio and the brand’s first flagship store in via Vela 8, Milan, Palazzina mirrors the brand’s growth and its attitude of pushing boundaries in order to create new realities.
Taking the place of what used to be a recording studio, the Palazzina was converted into an aseptic white space with padded, blank, cork panels across to be filled with the teams’ ideas across its internal walls.
The minimalist interior enhances the presence of custom artworks crafted by a few of the brand’s long-time friends and collaborators specifically for SUNNEI’s new headquarter.

The freshly-added three-floors allow the brand to adjust and redefine the purpose of each area Based on what was needed to have a self-sufficient ecosystem. The two complementary wings include dedicated work areas, break corners, meeting rooms, a garden, a kitchen and much more.
Palazzina 1: when stepping into the space, you are welcomed by the muted organic shapes conceived by south african artist Ben Orkin, marble pieces by bloc studios, steel-focused furniture by nm3 and murano blown accents by stories of italy. Anton alvarez sculptural approach decorates the communications department with a pistachio green piece made during his 2018 art residency.

Palazzina 2: when entering the new palazzina from the showroom, a wall of funktion-one speakers welcomes you to the left. A white superonda Sofa by poltronova and a wood quator table designed by carlo scarpa stand out in the middle of the room while the uno sull’altro bookcase by Ugo la pietra emerges from the opposite side. These three pieces, together with the globo tissurato lamp enhancing the meeting room on the second floor were provided by vaspaar, whom manages 20th century design collectibles. On the first floor of palazzina 2, a perfectly fitting modular unit by very simple kitchen contributes to animating the canteen area. Moreover, a series of champ stools designed by visibility for american contemporary design firm matter made can be found sitting around the dining table and showroom.